Life has often been good to me so far. Now it is my turn to pass something on.
On this page you can find a selection of various Freebies which I would love to share with you. And I do hope they make you smile. 

Business & Leadership-Coach, Mastermind-Founder

Ing. Mag. Nicole Hobiger-Klimes

13 years being Business Coach and CEO of the QuantenSprung training institute for meditation and mindfulness. Her specialty as an ambassador of silence: Silence Retreats.

With her journal „Glücklichsein beginnt beim mir“ (Engl: „Happiness begins with…“) she offers you an opportunity to hold a piece of life’s happiness in your own hands. During her work as Director of Communications for UN Ambassador and human rights activist Waris Dirie, she specifically campaigned for women’s rights.

The former WOMAN columnist is setting new standards in female empowerment with her new platform




DreamAcademia is a world wide community of innovators, young startups and inspiring dreamas who work together for a better tomorrow! Since 2007 they created a dreamicon valley in europe where passionate people from all over the world work together on future solutions and share the results with the world for free. This year’s free journal was created with Nicole Hobiger-Klimes.


Guided Metta-Meditation

This meditation is about compassion, which is an important human resource and is present in every human being. The special thing about this heart meditation is that the metta practice takes place within a fantasy journey. This meditation is a wonderful opportunity to go deep into relaxation mode. At the same time, you practice being more kind to yourself and others. Visualizations and imaginations are often underestimated. But it is precisely in this deeply relaxed state that the body has an enormous receptivity and the ability to change.



Interview with

Nipun Mehta


Interview with Nipun Mehta

  • Dalai Lama Compassion Award – Winner
  • President Obama’s Council On Poverty and Inequality in 2015
  • The founder of „Giftivism“

He is the founder of ServiceSpace, which has now grown into an ecosystem of 1.5 million members. For six months he did a pilgrimage across India. After 1000 kilometers, he ended up at a monastery where he mostly meditated for the next three months.


12 Meditations for free (German, Ukrainian, Russian)

Find moments of serenity through meditation and breathing exercises under the guidance of Nicole Hobiger-Klimes. Invite yourself to relaxation exercises to physically let go of things. Calm your thoughts and experience inner peace.

Including a breathing exercise for immediate help in an emergency situation.

Thanks to the volunteers and the refugees who help me implement this project!



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